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Video games and eSports industry involves more and more active audience every year. Aged under 30 generation already prefers eSports more than soccer or baseball, and the Millennials havent known the world without eSports at all. We offer the key to 12 000 000+ of your upcoming customers and more than 3000 hours of monthly video broadcasting, made with passion in the heat of the battle.

Our service will bring you classic advertising format benefits combined with the efficiency and effectivity of viral promotion. And we sure know everything about the ROI, KPI and Conversion rate!

Looking for advertising on Twich, Hitbox, Azubu, YouTube, VK, Dailymotion, Facebook? You are in "one small step for a man".

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Advertising on streams

Twitch, HitBox, YouTube Gaming

Our large Streamers pool allows you to run wide reach advertising campaigns. We will help you to use all the opportunities of streaming platforms. We will guide you through all steps of any scale advertising campaigns.


Advertising with Vloggers

YouTube, Dailymotion, RuTube

Providing wide selection of Vloggers, Video Reviewers, Observers, “Let`s Play!” Opinion Leaders, we will help you to reach YouTubes full potential in very short time!


Social Media Marketing

Opinion Leaders and Public pages

Your product placement and/or manifestation in the points with high target audience concentration. Interactive and gamified advertising campaigns. Viral campaign audience engagement.


Marketing and PR

Consulting, Audit, Outsource

Marketing Strategy development. Channel analysis. SWOT analysis. Support and maintenance of running advertising campaigns. Channel, Campaign and Agency efficiency appraisal. Marketing audit.

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