Benefits of advertising using opinion leaders channel

Take advantage of the direct communication with target audience
Product Placement

Engaging opinion leaders in reviews, testing and use/consumption of your product live on air.

Long tail effect

Advertisement remains efficient after campaign is over. Additional audience reach is being increased even after the end of campaign due to its upload to video hosting.

 Social Networks Presence

Opinion leader`s Loyal audience in social networks. Drawing of sponsor`s products between followers

Audience entry point

Highest concentration of millennials on the market by digital products and niche media consumption

Our Streamers Pool

NickNameGames / TypesSubscriber`sOption`sLive viewer
nl_krippHearthStone / Lets Play834342Facebook / YouTube / Twitter20000
ceh9CS:GO / Lets Play385441Facebook / VK / YouTube4000
a1taodaDota2 / Lets Play239234
VK / YouTube15000
WickedSickDota2 / Lets Play184545
VK / YouTube8000
jesusavgnGames Review / Lets Play183043
VK  / YouTube7000
cartmanzbsDota2 / Lets Play168447
VK / YouTube5000
rxnexusDota2 / Lets Play143632
VK / YouTube5000
jolygolfGames Review / Lets Play143486VK / YouTube10000
GnummeHearthStone / Lets Play143096VK6000
IllidanDota2 138179VK / Twitter15000
Stray228Dota2 / Lets Play129822VK / YouTube7000
ybicanoooobovDota2 / Lets Play129708VK5000
XAKOHHearthStone / Lets Play114688VK6000
Aces_TVWorld Of Tanks109322VK1000
C_A_K_EGames Review / Lets Play93858VK5000
y0ndDota 2 / Lets Play79026VK3000
WePlayWotWorld Of Tanks76923VK500
World Of Tanks56428VK500
DreadzTVDota248916VK / Twitter20000
VersutaDota238353VK / YouTube / Twitter10000
CetrixxxDota2 / CS:GO23481VK3000
GirlsToRuleTV Dota 2 / CS:GO / Lets Play22432VK / Facebook / YouTube1000
MikerinaDota2 / Lets Play21458VK / Facebook500
ALOHADANCEtvDota26463VK / Twitter5000

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